With the rise of UGG boots , UGG Australia brand’s founder Brian • Smith in Perth, Australia found surfing , surfers will come ashore wearing local small factory production UGG snow boots, not only comfortable warm , thick wool feet of water can quickly siphoning off gas , keeping feet dry. So he will snow boots until the United States California, California, in the United States created the UGG Australia brand , snow boots , where rapid development. 1998 , Smith sold the brand UGG Australia Deckers Outdoor Corporation . ugg boots sale New owner took over after that , with exquisite materials ( must be Australian A-level anti- wool skin ) and comfortable foot feeling , UGG can break the barriers of the professional market by more consumers to quickly receive Hollywood other stars in the pursuit.UGG boots worldwide outbreak of the wave -front , the Chinese market is not like the United States , Japan and other markets so quickly , hot, Chinese people ‘s consumption concept makes the UGG some slow . ugg boots In order to open the Chinese market , 2007 Alex founded the concept in line with China ‘s CGM excellent consumer brand snow boots . Compared to the UGG Australia luxury , CGM excellent more civilians . CGM excellent low consumption determined to complete the high quality of life , to create comfort cost limit. His original fur imports in Australia on the basis of the material , increasing the variety , discount ugg boots using the newly developed high-quality.There are large shop , stroll up and tired, but I’m still very sensible not spend a lot of money , but play half looks really super tempting , but we do not see what you want to dress nice . The second stop is the WTO-day class , in order to see that it, still no harvest ah. The third stop is the Blue Harbour , in order to see the real UGG, but I found I was counseled , after seeing the shoes did not have the nerve to go try it , simply to eat ice cream , I now regret intestines are green , a rare ability see genuine ah. . ugg boots sale. Hefei disappeared later discovered a brand , went to buy skirts and restraint , to buy a sweater also restrained , and finally chose to buy a mini skirt , ha. . . After completion of this important objective to seemingly nothing special I want to buy , but , I was really happy shopping , let alone more in Beijing shopping was great .UGG boots are a girl ‘s favorite , in addition to its warmth , the boots on the unique role of the calf rest retouch accessories can not be compared . ugg boots sale Although down from the shape look , UGG is a little bulky , heavy, but the girls wear in the feet after it thick fat “body” and immediately caused a sharp contrast to the leg , making the girl ‘s legs look more slender .UGG boots make clothing in the color choices more fruitful the , UGG has many colors , styles available for choice , whatever your choice which one, where you can match the appropriate costume dress, so you are not afraid of the cold winter of while more melodious . This year’s summer season than to be early this year , ugg boots many places began to snow, about this time if you are wearing a pair of UGG boots , trod on a slide in the snow landscape , what kind of enjoy it ? If you there is no rain, it is even more will make your dress on a level grade .UGG has reverberates from north to south , discount ugg boots it is a fashionable vane, new design , refined stylish ideas , cultivate this snow boots victory. UGG is currently registered mainly Yellow earth, Shearers UGG, Jumbo UGG, UGG Cotra and UGG Australia. From the origin on the points , Yellow earth, Shearers UGG and Jumbo UGG is Australia’s three local brands , UGG Cotra brand in Hong Kong , and in fact is the United States UGG Australia brand .From the quality point , ugg boots Yellow earth, Shearers UGG, Jumbo UGG, UGG Cotra fur materials used for Australia ‘s top merino sheep fur , wool sheep due to this particularity , making UGG warm and breathable, which is of those 200 block 300 , UGG can not be compared , ( which is why often see a lot of Hollywood stars in the summer wearing UGG, discount ugg boots cool is one thing , but mainly because these UGG breathability Okay !