Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel
Code: RENT 08
Size: width: 54 cm, height: 70 cm
Media: Pen to paper, set to art mount board, framed with glass

The image of course needs no explanation however Heso’s technique does require attention. The whole composition is constructed through precisely laid ink curls which build on each other to create the shadow and balance that gives it such depth and warmth. It comes with his personal experience of war time life and what inspired him to tackle this.

Heso used this technique extensively through his latter creative work but will also be remembered for equally delicate watercolours. He took both mediums to the highest form and whilst his work was highly sought after prior to his early passing in 2009, it has escalated in value dramatically since.

About the artist
Heso Kiwi

Heso Kiwi (1963-2009)

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