Code: WS001
Size: width: 30 cm, height: 42 cm
Media: liquid pencil

'Legend has it the beastlike fish was responsible for unsuccessful fishing trips and low catches by villagers that lived around the Maiwara rivers mouth in the Milne Bay Province.  Although harmless, sightings by fishermen throughout the ages have tagged the animal as evil and if confronted, must be avoided at all costs.

Anyone with a merciful heart and at peace travelling over waters in the rivers mouth may sight this creature as it does respond to how people feel, but can appear in a rising surf manner should there be tension amongst travellers passing through.

All except a young man named Maeto was successful.  Maeto was deaf and dumb and had not learned of the bounty and the rewards.  The creature, upon feeling the loneliness of Maeto, surfaced while he was fishing and Maeto, not realising Maimaituha had a bounty on its head swiftly picked up his giant spear and lunged at the creature, piercing it through its side, inflicting a death blow instantly.

Maeto was granted the bounty, a block of land overlooking the whole village including the river mouth.'

William Stevens - Port Moresby, December 2011


Work is finished to double mount board with aluminium frame

Price: 1,800.00PGK
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