'Legend of the Sunken Island if Liep'  
Code: SC001
Size: width: 183 cm, height: 122 cm
Media: Acrylic on canvas

'The painting depicts the Sunken Island of Liep, Manus Province at the Bismark Sea.  It is known as Casta Reef or spin circular reef.  It was once our ancestral place for the group of Manusians (Titan) who had settled on this island for many years.

This beautiful island was sunk because a huge shark swallowed the whole island and it was so heavy for the shark it sank in the shape of a shark.  It is still today a great mystery and spiritual legend for it's rich marine resources.  Because of its unique reef and rich marine life people from neighbouring communities come to steal marine life.  The lady landowner got upset and instructed the lady of the sea, the mermaid, to stop intruders with their ships coming to the reef.

If you happen to anchor there, you will hear peoples voices in the Manusian language, Titan.'

Joe Nalo - Port Moresby, September 2011

Price: 15,500.00PGK


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