'In The Beginning'  
Code: WS002
Size: width: 30 cm, height: 42 cm
Media: liquid pencil

'The emergence of the water life (creatures) from within the depths out onto the land and the sunlight, the birth of reptiles and birds, thus featuring the significance of the coconut, the tree of life.  The coconut has been the one source of survival from the day it was made known to mankind.

Flower and fauna became bountiful and the hunters and gatherers had to devise special skills to capture the creatures for food and survival.

From the time the creatures from the water ventured onto land and continued to survive throughout the years, tribes, their legends and folklores were built around these creatures.'

William Stevens - Port Moresby, December 2011


Work is finished to double mount board and aluminium frame

Price: 1,800.00PGK
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