Code: WS003
Size: width: 30 cm, height: 42 cm
Media: liquid pencil

'The crocodile is known to attack it's prey in stealth like manner.  The animal, according to custom, may be a transformation of a sorcerer or witch sent to claim a cursed one.

The crocodile is believed at times to communicate with the harmless house gecko and it is the gecko that will lead the crocodile to the victims house, especially houses built on stilts over water or in wet marshlands.

It is believed the crocodile will not attack you unless you are cursed, the harmless house gecko will bring you bad luck if you harm it in your home so it may be regarded as a bad omen to harm a gecko in your home.

The crocodile and the gecko are believed to be from the same tribe and the decendents of the great mother of crocodiles.  Mankind has learned to live with the crocodile and some cultures have even initiated their young people in respect of the crocodile.'

William Stevens - Port Moresby, December 2011


Work is finished to double mount board and aluminium frame

Price: 1,800.00PGK
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