'Bobodi, Navigating the Sea of Predators'  
Code: SC005
Size: width: 170 cm, height: 94 cm
Media: Acrylic on canvas

'Bobodi, Navigating the Sea of Predators is a painting dedicated to my son, Bobodi like a turtle, tagged and sent out into the sea of predators.  Life is like a turtle, tagged and monitored on how it will survive the ocean full of unexpected predators.

As parents, we have tagged our children and expect them to be the best, survive and bring back results and care for us as parents when we get old.  Sometimes unexpected siutations occur and we loose them, those are the saddest moments in our lives.

The turtles are painted to represent life and I dedicate this painting to his University fees as he withdrew from studies in 2009 due to financial difficulties and stayed at home feeling hopeless, insecure, lonely and useless.  I felt responsible as a parent, I have this obligation to contribute towards his life so that he can be able to navigate his journey again in life.'

Larry Santana - Goroka, August 2011

Price: 12,000.00PGK


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