Exhibition: Jeffry Feeger and Ratoos Haoapa Gary Joint Exhibition
Period: 30 July 2011 - 20 August 2011
Number of exhibits: 10 art pieces
Description: Aroaro, the story of a people. Early this year, Ratoos Haopa and I made the journey to visit his tribe, the Aroaro people of the Ihu District, Gulf Province. A people of rich ancestral knowledge and story telling history of which Ratoos illustrates through his every painting. Located along the Vailala river the village of Mailava became our home for a week, before we traveled down to the coast. During our stay, we participated in community meetings and talked to people to hear their concerns. In some way we wanted to try to address them in our capacity as contemporary artists by bringing about attention to issues they face. People were quite upset with the logging being done in the area by company Rimbunan Hijau (RH). After several failed attempts at bringing RH to court the villagers still do not fairly benefit from the logging happening in the area, sadly they are reminded everyday of this when they see the barges with stacked logs floating down their river. There was confusing information being disseminated by local level government as too what Inter oil's interest were in developing the area and it left people feeling both fearful, anxious and excited as to what the future would bring. The story of the Aroaro people is the story of rural PNG, the story of our land, it's resources and what it might mean for us and our future. Jeffry Feeger
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