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Heso Kiwi

Heso Kiwi (1963-2009)

Originally from Hongo Village, Morobe Province, Heso’s talent was encouraged by his Expressive Arts teacher and he chose to pursue this as his career. He won a scholarship to the National Art School in 1980 and studied Fine Art and although he excelled, he was conscious that the practical opportunities for him to earn a living through fine art were slim. With this in mind, on completing his fine art studies he continued on and pursued graphic art.

Heso lived and worked in Port Moresby for the remainder of his days contributing significantly to his employer, the Department of Health and continued to paint his signature watercolours. Known for his subtle colours and sensitive depiction of rural scenes and village life he still experimented with styles and techniques. Around 2004 he started to work in ink, creating intricate images built from pen curls, layered and balanced to show the shadow and tone to build beautifully expressive faces and scenes. They became an immediate success and by the time he made his last presentation to Luk Save in 2009 he was equally recognised for his skill in each medium.

He was one of the founding artists of the Luk Save Show and consistently contributed to to PNG’s contemporary art wealth. Collecting the ‘Peoples Choice Award’ at the Goroka Coffee Festival in 2008 his technical ability was also recognized in being selected to be part of the first Liklik Luk Save held in Auckland, 2009.

Sadly Heso passed away suddenly September 2009 and is sorely missed by the many people he touched with his elegant expressions of the world around him. All royalties now pass to his widow and three sons.

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