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Joycelin Leahy

As a practicing artist, Joycelin favors water color and inks. She also experiments with natural bush dyes and other fibers.

Joycelin Kauc Leahy is known in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Pacific islands for her work as a journalist and an arts and cultural adviser. Joycelin completed a Masters in Museum studies at the University of Queensland and her main interest is preservation of and promoting sustainable intangible culture of the Pacific islands. Her current Master’s thesis (which took place in Tami Island, PNG) looked into how Climate Change affects coastal cultures in the small islands.

Her recent development work involved training and design for Suki basket weaving with the women in South Fly, Western province.

She also contributed short stories, plays and poems to the PNG Education Department School Journal Series. Apart from her involvement in the arts industry as an entrepreneur for over 25 years, Joycelin was with the performing arts through the National Theatre Company while being a student at the University of Papua New Guinea in mid 80s. She is part of Wagang Village Singsing Group, which she has performed with since she was five, makes jewellery, weaves basket, bilums, photography and painting. In 1987, she first exhibited and won an award for a series of black and white photographs in the Waigani Arts Centre Annual Arts Exhibition. The Waigani Arts show was the single largest contemporary arts exhibition held in PNG annually. In 2006, she exhibited a number of works in the Royal Papua Yacht Club art exhibition in Port Moresby. Although art has always been part of her life she prefers to take the back stage and assist other artist show their work.

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