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Philip Yobale

Art Stret Gallery is very proud to hold and present the Yobale Collection that encompasses nearly twenty years of this wonderful artists creative work.  From detailed block prints to these wonderful canvases available for rent, it shows Philips determination to master the optical illustions that he became so well known for. 

Originally hailing from Chimbu, Philips work demonstrates a wide and accomplished range of mediums and subjects.  Many viewers comment on his propensity for including birds and eyes in various suggestions however those who knew him explain he placed the eye in his work as representative of the soul.  His incredibly dextrous use of this, combined with such polished delivery of the optical illusion equate to very sophisticated compositions.  In his later years he often chose to present both social and political comment which had been rare in the recent history of Papua New Guinea contemporary work. 

Although Philip passed in 2008 and exhibited extensively throughout his career, the general public can currently access two of his most outstanding works in the foyer of The Holiday Inn, Port Moresby.


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