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Martin Morububuna

Martin was part of the very first tranche of students through the National Art School in the 1970’s and has been consistently representing his country at the highest levels since.

A consumate professional he was part of the Hailans to Ailans Show in London last year moving onto San Francisco to be Artist in Residence at the Jolika Collection of the De Young Museum. His work continued on to the Alcheriga Gallery in British Columbia that also holds some of his early woodblock work.

"I was three years old when I was given Sopi. Sopi literally means water or stream flow, but artistically it means a flow of ideas in somebody’s mind. I knew all along that I was born and meant to be an artist, practising carving, drawing, singing and composing songs. I particularly like the legends because they do re?ect the principles of life today. I like portraying current situations in contemporary life today such as the role of women and their values".

He likes to work in "oil and acrylic paints because the colour, lines and shapes should play a vitual roll in making people realise the TRUTH for themselves through art forms."

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